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Shane Pophfer on Mt Elbrus in Russia

As ex-paratroopers and adventurers, the team at Peak Potential Adventures know what it is like to push physical and mental boundaries on their Global Adventure Challenges.

Experience, combined with a profoundly deep understanding of the emotional demands of high altitude mountaineering and challenging adventures, ensures you will be surrounded by a team of professional and experienced leaders who truly understand your emotional journey.

They know how to provide you with the vital support when you need it most; not just during your adventure challenge, but with your physical training and mental preparation in the months, weeks and days leading up to your adventure challenge.

More people would fail to conquer a challenging adventure mentally than physically.

The Peak Potential Team know firsthand the physical and mental demands of Global Adventure Challenges:

  • They have had previous extensive military training in leadership and teamwork. Their previous military service and training has prepared them to make important decisions quickly under extreme and adverse conditions
  • They have had ongoing extensive training with individuals and teams, so they know and are fully aware of the dynamics required not just for a successful expedition, but for an enjoyable experience for the whole team
  • In March 2008, they successfully summited Mt Kilimanjaro in three days up the difficult and steep Umbwe Route which is one of the fastest commercial ascents without pre-acclimatisation. They carried their own equipment and utilised only a small support team
  • In March 2010, over a 5 week global expedition, they summited Mt Aconcagua in Argentina which is South America’s highest mountain at 6,962 metres; they then travelled to Russia and summited Mt Elbrus, which is Europe’s highest mountain at 5,642 metres. Over a 5 week expedition, they climbed over 15,000 metres including acclimatisation, and flew 30,000 kilometres around the world to achieve their expedition objectives
  • They recently successfully summited Mt McKinley in Alaska which is the highest mountain on the North American continent at a height of 6,194 metres and regarded as perhaps the coldest mountain in the world. They are currently in preparation for their summit attempts of Mt Everest and Antarctica’s Mt Vinson to finish off their ‘Seven Summits’ quest, and becoming two of only a handful of Australian adventurers to complete this high altitude mountaineering crown
  • They are also currently in preparation for an expedition that, if successful back to back with their Mt Everest attempt, would be an Australian first with only three other people in the world having successfully completed both expeditions
  • Making a difference is what The Peak Potential Adventures team are truly passionate about in their adventure pursuits. They are ongoing active supporters of Make-A-Wish, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Legacy; not just through their expedition pursuits, but ongoing through their direct community involvement
  • The Peak Potential Team are not just mountaineers; they are adventurers and peak potential advocates. They thrive on adapting to challenging and demanding environments and conditions. They firmly believe that continued personal growth is achieved through challenging your comfort zones and pushing new physical and mental boundaries.

What sets the Peak Potential Adventures apart from the rest:

  • We provide Australian guides with extensive high altitude mountaineering and adventure experience
  • We have extensive experience working with teams and helping individual reach their goals
  • We provide full fitness and health training leading up to your adventure challenge and arrange ongoing practice treks & training
  • We ensure the team gets to know each other before your adventure challenge, so you know who you are teaming up with and you feel like you are part of a team before you depart
  • We provide personalised and individual advice about gear/equipment to ensure that your gear won’t let you down on your adventure challenge
  • We provide medical support on the adventure challenge if required being trained Army first response medics.
  • All Peak Potential Adventures leaders who guide are remote wilderness first aid qualified through St Johns Ambulance (HLTAID003).
  • We climb with emergency oxygen on high altitude adventure challenges to ensure you are safe at all times if there were any altitude medical complications
  • We prepare you extensively for your adventure challenge mentally, as well as physically
  • We are very passionate and dedicated about ensuring everyone succeeds in their adventure challenge in a very safe and enjoyable operating environment
  • We provide a unique charity fundraising structure on some of our adventures challenges that allows you to be rewarded for your fundraising efforts
  • Best of all, you get to make a difference to the lives of others around you whilst at the same time, realising your dream.

“If you are thinking of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, trekking to Everest Base Camp with any other guide or company, please for your own safety and to maximise your chance to summit, ensure they can match the above…”

Peak Potential Adventures – A philanthropic business

The Peak Potential Team pride themselves on the continued work they do for the greater community and their charity causes. Some of the profits derived from the Peak Potential Global Adventure Challenges, either go back  to the charities they support directly; or to fund future personal expeditions  undertaken in support of worthwhile charities and community causes such as Make-A-Wish Australia and The Sydney Childrens Hospital Network or the Peak Potential Adventures Guide Development Program (GDP). Through your support of the Peak Potential Adventures Global Adventure Challenges, you will be also making a difference to people lives and the world around you.

Tianna and Shane Pophfer


Shane Pophfer

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