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Moving Mountains – 2015 Everest Base Camp Anzac Dawn Service

A documentary about the 2015 Nepal earthquake and how our Peak Potential Adventures team made their way out of Nepal after the devastating earthquakes hit on the 25 April 2015. We pass on our continued heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the beautiful people of Nepal who were affected by this terrible event. To our amazing local guiding team, your local assistance and resourcefulness will never be forgotten. To Cover-More, we are forever grateful for your efforts and support, don’t ever leave home without Cover-More Insurance.

2015 Everest Base Camp Dawn Service – Anzac Spirit (Full Documentary)

Courage. Mateship. Endurance.

Hallmarks of the ANZAC that became touchstones for survival in Nepal midst the devastation of the Gorkha Earthquake. This is the story of ordinary Australians who chose an extraordinary experience of ANZAC Day on its 100th anniversary – a trek to Everest Base Camp on 25 April 2015. It begins in Kathmandu. It ends with evacuation from a country fractured and mourning the loss of more than 8000 people. Share 10 days with the Peak Potential Adventures team as they trek to Everest Base Camp and endure an experience that shocked the world.

2015 Everest Base Camp Dawn Service – Anzac Spirit (Short Version)Β 

Just thought we’d get the Anzac Spirit stirring for our upcoming full length feature documentary about the recent Peak Potential AdventuresΒ 2015 Everest Base Camp Anzac Dawn Service trek. We know all the team are very proud and will they remember that special moment of reflection forever at that special location as a team, as you can see it in their faces. We sincerely thank Nepal, its beautiful people and our local team who are absolute champions for making this such an amazing and special journey and we cannot wait to get back there in April 2016 to erect the brass plate on the new memorial on Anzac Hill. Stay tuned for the full-length feature coming soon. Thank you Neill Johanson for the awesome work that you do with us.

2013 inaugural Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge

What is it like to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world? Well, let our short Peak Potential Adventures documentary take you on a journey of adventure as it takes you through the highs and lows of climbing this magnificent mountain in Tanzania Africa. A huge thank you to the talented and good friend Neill Johanson for filming and producing this documentary for the inaugural 2013 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge in support of Make-A-Wish Australia.

A Defining Moment – Kilimanjaro Changes Lives

Russ Holland has never looked back after summiting the highest freestanding mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro at 5,895. Basically, his life has changed in a positive way and now he has bigger adventure goals over the coming years that will see him continue on his journey of personal growth by pushing his mental and physical limits. Every adventure challenges you and changes you in some way, and in that process, you grow through that experience. Personal growth really starts happening when you step outside your comfort zone….a new level of self-confidence is establish and a new benchmark of overcoming fear is reached.

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