New Team Member – Mitch

Mitchell (Mitch)

Mitchell (Mitch)

Welcome Aboard Mitch

We are excited to welcome aboard the newest team member of the Peak Potential Adventures Team Mitchell Morley, or better known as just Mitch. Mitch will be taking on an assistant guide role on some of our local and overseas adventures. Mitch has completed many of the adventures with the senior leadership team over the past couple of years and is very excited and looking forward to having an assisting role in these adventures. Mitch has proved himself as a strong and capable adventurer as well as an excellent team player, so we are exciting to have him on the team. Below is a bit of Mitch’s history.

MITCHELL (MITCH)Β – Adventurer and Assistant Expedition Leader

Mitch is the newest member of the Peak Potential Adventures Team coming on-board to help as an assistant guide.

Mitch has a passion for adventure and fitness and is currently in the process of completing his certification as a personal trainer.

From a young age, adventure, fitness, and sport has always been a passion. Mitch has played representative squash at a National level and is also an accredited squash coach.He is an avid rugby league player on the Central Coast and is always looking for the next adventure and challenge to complete.

As part of his ongoing outdoor and leadership training with Peak Potential Adventures leadership team, he has successfully completed Mt Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp.

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