Kilimanjaro - Shira Camp

Kilimanjaro, Shira Camp – A strong day

We just had the 2014 Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team just check in using their SPOT device at Shira Camp which is at around 3,900m. Shira Camp is on a large plateau on the west side of Mt Kilimanjaro and has a beautiful uninterrupted view out to the west of Tanzania. The team made excellent time on the leg up from Machame Camp up to Shira Camp today, which means that they must be feeling strong. The time in Tanzania at the moment in just on 1.30pm, so the team will have some lunch and will get some good rest this afternoon and will hopefully be rewarded with a beautiful Kilimanjaro sunset out to the west. The team is currently using a SPOT device so that we can track their progress on Mt Kilimanjaro, as well as using mobile reception where possible over the Machame Route. Mobile recption gets better over towards Karanga Valley Camp as its overlooks the town of Moshi. 

There are a few photos below of Shira Camp. Hopefully, the team will be rewarded with a beautiful golden sunset tonight. Shira Camp is such a magical place to just sit and relax and watch the sun fade away over the horizon. On a clear day, you can also see Mt Kenya in the distance which is the second highest mountain in Africa.

Shira Camp is an important camp as its just under the 4,000m mark, so the team will get some good acclimatization rest at this higher altitude before they make their push up over Lava Tower tomorrow which is at around 4,600m. After lunch at the Lava Tower, they will head down to Barranco Hut to just under the 4,000m mark where they will spend the next night.