Kilimanjaro - Barranco Camp

Kilimanjaro, Barranco Camp – Getting there.

It is 5.54am Tanzanian time on Mt Kilimanjaro. The Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team would be hearing the porters moving around the Barranco Campsite getting the morning routine underway for breakfast. The porters would also be starting to break down the camp to head across to Karanga Valley, which is on the south east side of Mt Kilimanjaro. Because the Barranco Hut Camp is behind a wall pretty much on the south side of Mt Kilimanjaro, the sun will take some time today finding its way onto the team campsite.

The team would be feeling strong today after their accent to 4,600m over the Lava Tower and then back down to 3,950m to spend the night at Barranco Hut Camp. The team will be heading over to Karanga Valley Camp today, so they are getting close now to their Kilimanjaro summit push. They will start the day by climbing over the Barranco Wall, which will take them to an altitude of around 4,300m before descending again to Karanga Valley at around the 3,900m mark. Because of the steep section and ledges on the Barranco Wall, it can get congested if there are too many teams trying to make their way over the wall. Again, they will be pushing their bodies to a higher altitude to acclimate over the Barranco Wall, before descending to a lower altitude to rest for the night at Karanga Valley and allow their bodies to build up acceptance to the higher altitudes.

From what I can tell looking at the GPS signals from their SPOT device, they made very good time yesterday across to Barranco Camp, so the team must be feeling strong. I have attached a few photos below to get a bit of an idea of the Barranco Camp, Barranco Wall and the Karanga Valley Camp where they will be moving to today.