Kilimanjaro onward and upwards.

We just had an update from Shane Pophfer, who is Peak Potential Adventures Managing Director and is leading the 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team on Mt Kilimanjaro. He said the team is going really well, they encountered a lot of heavy rain coming over Lava Tower, but the weather on the mountain has cleared up now and it is sunny skies. He indicated that all the blood/oxygen statistics for the team are very strong, so they are acclimating very well to the higher altitude. Morale of the team is also very high and they are all working well together. Shane indicated that it is quiet this year on the mountain as well, which will be an advantage for the team with their summit push.

As with most expeditions in remote areas like Mt Kilimanjaro, there are a few stomach issues with a couple of the team, but these are being managed with appropriate medication. Shane also feels there is some summit anxiety, so he is managing this as they push up to Barafu Hut today to prepare for their summit push.

The team should make Barafu Hut around lunchtime Tanzanian time, or 9.00pm our time, and this will be their last camp before their summit push. Bafaru Hut is at an altitude of 4,600m. The team will rest for the afternoon at Bafaru Hut, and then try and get some sleep before heading off for the summit around 11.00pm Tanzanian time. The altitude gain to make the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro from Barafu Hut will be around 1,300m and should take the team around 7 hours of climbing.

The team all pass on their love to all their family and friends.

We hope to make contact wish Shane again at Bafaru Hut later today.