Bafaru Hut

Kilimanjaro, Barafu Hut – Walking on the moon.

Kilimanjaro is an ever changing landscape as you move higher up the mountain, so this is where the 2014 Peak Potential Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team are moving to today….the very barren and rocky camp of Barafu Hut. The landscape at Barafu Hut would not be too dissimilar to the moon. The altitude of Barafu Hut is 4,600m and it is the last camp before the team makes their final push for the summit, which is at an altitude of 5,895m. Obviously being so high, nothing grows at Barafu Hut and it becomes obvious with the surrounding landscape that you are climbing a dominant volcano that is many millions of years old. At this altitude on the mountain, the teams will need to take all their water up and there is no water that can be obtained from glacial springs etc.

The team will have some lunch and try to get some much needed sleep as they will be getting up at around 10.00pm at night to get ready to head off for the summit. The team will head off around 11.00pm given that there are limited teams on the mountain and slowly make their way towards the summit perhaps having breaks every hour. It is important that the team keeps up their energy intake during the climb as well as their water intake. It is always hard consuming solid foods at this altitude, so muesli and energy bars work well and if they get a bit hard to swallow, energy gels and lollies with high sugar content will keep the body fueled with energy.

The team is really looking forward to flying the Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge banner with the Make-A-Wish Australia logo on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro when they get there.

Barafu Hut, Mt Kilimanjaro

Barafu Hut, Mt Kilimanjaro