Peak Potential Adventures - 2014 Kilimanjaro Summit

2014 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge Team

2014 Kilimanjaro summit 100% success.

Kilimanjaro summit success, Peak Potential Adventures has done it again; with 100% of the 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team successfully standing on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro at around 7.15am on the 17 October 2014. We are so proud of the whole team, not with just their effort with their fundraising for Make-A-Wish Australia, but in their preparation leading up to the climb and their performance on the mountain. The team raised just under $33,000 for Make-A-Wish Australia, which is an awesome result. Those funds will go a long way in making some much need wishes come true for the children who need it most.

The team all trained hard and went into this climb well prepared both physically and mentally. Shane Pophfer did an amazing job leading this year’s team. Great leadership on Mt Kilimanjaro can really be the difference between success and failure. A great leader will keep the team together and ensure the team members function as a team when the going gets tough. Some encouraging words and a bit of motivation at the right time is sometimes all that is needed to keep you in the game to keep moving towards the summit.

A massive thanks once again to our local team on the ground in Tanzania. Our local boys go above and beyond to ensure our team is well looked after on the mountain. In response to their amazing effort, Peak Potential Adventures goes above and beyond to ensure they are well looked after between climbs.

A successful Kilimanjaro summit in not easy feat as it is a significant challenge, which is testament to the 40% plus that do not make it to the summit. From the initial feedback from the team, they all had an amazing time and in some way, it was a life changing experience for them. Making a successful Kilimanjaro summit is not just a physical challenge; it is as much a mental challenge. Perhaps as high as 80% of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and getting to the summit would be in mental preparing and management during the climb itself. This year’s team should be very proud of their achievement and we hope as always, they draw on their adventure and experience to add more value to their lives.

Congratulations: Shane Pophfer, Luke Blundell-Pophfer, Mitchell Morley, Kristen Forbes, Amy Davidson, Naomi Laing and Erica Sullivan