Testimonials of others are important when you are considering taking on an adventure either here in Australia or in another part of the world. We pride ourselves on not just ensuing our clients succeed in fulfilling their adventure dreams safely, but we also ensure they have a positive experience from the time they sign up to one of our adventures, to when they arrive home.

Mark HendersonThe Six Foot Track trek was a great challenge. 

It was great to get out of my comfort zone and do something that pushed me physically. Being up in the Blue Mountains for two days, and meandering among some amazing scenery, all while getting “gains”, and being out with some friends and fellow explorers made for a brilliant experience. The two-day trek is one that pushes the boundaries, making you work hard to beat it. With rough terrain, hills and valleys, all part of the journey, the Six Foot Track is a challenge worth tackling.

It was awesome to get up there with the Peak Potential Adventures team, Shane Pophfer, Darren Wise and Mitchell Morley, who made the whole thing possible. Thanks so much for pushing me guys – it would have been tough to get through it without all of the encouragement, confidence and support from you.

Highlights of the trek included beating Heartbreak Hill on day one, to make our way to the beautiful Eco Lodge, and relaxing in the cool water, which was well deserved after the 30km trek through the mountains on day one of  the Six Foot Track The suspension bridge, which really kicked off day two was a lot of fun and made for a great photography spot, while the final challenge of the trek, “Dummy Spit Hill,” made me work to finish. It was tough, but beating it was so, so sweet.

 For me, the Six Foot Track trek with Peak Potential Adventures is (hopefully) just the beginning of adventures to come.

Mark HendersonSix Foot Track - New South Wales

Tracey Jordan - The Overland Track TasmaniaI still cannot believe I did The Overland Track through The Tasmanian Central Highlands in winter. 

When my friend Michael invited me to take on The Overland Track Winter Trek,  I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  With much trepidation I packed my backpack and sleeping bag (both borrowed) as I didn’t own such things and off I went to Launceston for two days of preparation with the Peak Potential Adventures team

After their careful analysis of the contents of my backpack (I can’t believe they made me take out my coffee machine and makeup bag), my pack weighed in at 15 kilos and armed with everything I needed for 6 days in the wilderness – rehydrated mince sachets; baby wipes; sunscreen; 2 minutes noodles and about 3 kilos of chocolate.  I was ready to go.

There is no way I could have done this without the incredible support of Darren Wise and Shane Pophfer.  Shane for his incredible kindness; patience; sincerity and calm soulful demeanour (and his incredibly funny and entertaining stories) and Darren for his professionalism and unconditional focus and commitment on the comfort, safety and wellness of each member of the team.  Micky, Conrad, Matthew and Chris were all amazing team members whose sense of humour, kindness and protection of me helped to get me through.  It was a tough challenge but I am so glad I did it.  These fond memories will stay with me forever. 

Thank you Shane and Darren.  You amazed me every day and I cannot wait for the next adventure we can do together.

Tracey Jordan Overland Track Winter Trek - Tasmania

Michael Donovan on The Overland Track in winterI cannot speak highly enough of the team at Peak Potential Adventures who I recently completed The Overland Track with in Tasmania.

Completing The Overland Track during winter was always going to come with its challenges, but having Darren Wise and Shane Pophfer from Peak Potential Adventures as guides, made the trek a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.

It was a seamless experience from day one and the team at Peak Potential Adventures ensured that I had the right equipment, clothing and accessories and the logistics were all taken care of on my behalf.

Their commitment to myself and the other team members was exemplary, nothing was ever too much trouble and their overall assistance and guidance from start to finish was of the highest standards.

Their priority was always directed towards the participating team members and the professionalism shown by Darren and Shane was of the highest calibre at all times during the trek.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Peak Potential Adventures to anybody who would like to complete The Overland Track in winter at some point…….you will not be disappointed with the level of service and support, plus trekking from south to north during winter was a definite highlight, which Peak Potential Adventures does with its Overland Track winter trek.

Michael DonovanOverland Track Winter Trek - Tasmania

Jenny-Hocking-Six-Foot-TrackI believe that each of us have our ‘own mountains to climb’. For me  the Six Foot Track trek enabled me to say that age is a number and with a healthy body and mind you can achieve  what you want to do, if you just get out there and do it.

The two day overnight  trek from Jenolan caves to Katoomba (30kms on day 1 and 16 on day 2) enabled me to see some magnificent countryside, overcome my fear of all things wobbly and high (suspension bridge) and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.

Darren Wise and Shane Pophfer (Peak Potential Adventures) are a dynamic team who ensured that through their expertise and forward planning that we all could accomplish this trek.

I have no reservation in recommending this Six Foot Track trek to those who want to explore the Blue Mountains whilst challenging oneself. Many laughs were had (thank you Shane), the food was great, the sleepover at the Eco Lodge pleasant (thank you Willi).

The Six Foot Track trek with Peak Potentials Adventures was an experience that I am proud and pleased to have had and I am looking forward to experiencing more of the same with Darren and Shane. Hopefully the rest of team are thinking of more treks as they were a great group to be with!

Jenny HockingSix Foot Track - New South Wales

Luke Mansell - Six Foot TrackI had a great time doing the  the Six Foot Track trek with Peak Potential Adventures and is the perfect trek to train for something bigger or simply to unplug for the weekend.

The Six Foot Track trek run by Peak Potential Adventures is an overnight weekend trek that goes from Jenolan Caves to Katoomba in The Blue Mountains and covers a total distance of 46km over the two days.

We stayed overnight in a private Eco lodge that was nestled on the beautiful Cox River and were treated to a beautifully cooked dinner and breakfast the next morning.

Shane and Darren are a pleasure to deal with and truly experts in their field with attention to detail, safety and service second to none.

The Six Foot Track trek is both fun and challenging over two days with plenty of food to keep the energy up and comfortable overnight accommodation.

Great bunch of people and enjoyment was had by all. I would highly recommend this adventure.

Luke MansellSix Foot Track - New South Wales

Paul Rollo trekking in NepalI was asked to write a testimonial about the 2015 Everest Base Camp Anzac trek, which I am more than happy to do. The trek itself to Everest Base Camp for me was the toughest and most rewarding thing I have ever done, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I can say it was made possible because of both Shane and Darren from Peak Potential Adventures.

On the trek itself, we had Shane as our lead Australian guide and he was always there to encourage people and to keep pushing on and for me, this was a great help as Shane has a way of getting the best out of people.

Not forgetting Darren though, who back in Australia, liaised with the proper authorities to get us all back home safely to Australia after the Nepal earthquake safe and sound. Both Shane and Darren make an excellent team working together in keeping trekkers safe.

I have no problems recommending them and Peak Potential Adventures to my friends, which I am already doing, and I am talking to them about the 2016 Everest Base Camp Anzac trek.

Would I go on this trek again or any other adventures with Peak Potential Adventures…….ABSOLUTELY!!!!. I have full confidence in the team of Shane and Darren and the way they run their adventures with Peak Potential Adventures.

Paul RolloEverest Base Camp - Nepal

The Everest Base Camp ANZAC 100th anniversary trek 2015 with Peak Potential Adventures was a trip of a lifetime and I will never forget this experience!

The Nepalese people captivate you with their genuine inner beauty. They take you away from western ways and welcomes you into their simple lives. Nepal as a country is absolutely majestic. I have never been on a trek that has magical 360 degree views every single step of the way! It got to a point where I couldn’t take anymore photos. The photo’s where just not doing it justice and I wanted to embrace and enjoy every second of being there!

This trip was run in a professional manner during and after the earthquake. Shane’s ex-military and crisis management experience definitely came to life during and after the earthquake. Shane’s positive energy, sense of humour and people management skills ensured the team remained together at all times. The morale of the team remained high and my mind was at ease given the circumstances. The local Sherpa’s, porters and services that Peak Potential Adventures used to support their trek were absolutely amazing and were first class…..we always had the best of everything with food, accommodation and services. 

Even though Darren was not in Nepal, the team and I cannot thank him enough for all the work he was doing back home in Australia. He was constantly keeping our families informed, liaising with DFAT, Australian Embassy, CoverMore Insurance and also lining up plan B and C to have us extracted.    

Would I do another adventure with Peak Potential Adventures? ABSOLUTELY! I have experienced firsthand the professionalism, hard work, thought, skills and knowledge these guys have. Both my family and I know I am in safe hands with Peak Potential Adventures.

FatimaEverest Base Camp - Nepal

Kristen Forbes, Mt KilimanjaroWhen people use the cliché “a trip of a lifetime” their absolutely right, and I was able to experience the trip of a lifetime with the ‘A team’. Our motto “Failure is not an option” guided us through some tough times but thankfully it didn’t really need to be said too often.

Shane and Darren from Peak Potential Adventures gave us an all hands on deck approach before the 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro trek and they were just a phone call away when we needed advice.

On the mountain Shane lead the way or yelled encouragement from the back of the pack.

We had exceptional guides. They knew when to stop and check on us, when it’s time to drink, when it’s time to eat and they know when it’s ok to push that little bit harder. They even realise when the team needs a boost,

Our trip was well organised and I felt spoilt on the mountain, with popcorn and afternoon tea waiting for us when trekking wrapped up each day. And the best surprise was having our very own toilet. It’s all about the simple things.

The guys at Peak Potential Adventures really know how to organise a trip, all bases were covered and it was evident on the mountain when comparing ourselves to other teams.

I’m proud to say I reached the “Roof of Africa” and Peak Potential Adventures helped me get there.

If you are looking to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, I would highly recommend going with Peak Potential Adventures.

Kristen ForbesMt Kilimanjaro - Africa

Michael Donovan on the summit of Mt KilimanjaroI don’t usually write testimonials, but when Shane Pophfer asked me, I jumped at the opportunity to share my 2013 Mt Kilimanjaro climb experience.  I have recently returned from reaching Uhuru peak on Mt Kilimanjaro and cannot highlight enough the outstanding service I received from Darren and Shane from Peak Potential Adventures. 

Climbing the Machame route was not only enjoyable but a physically challenging experience I will never forget.

Everyday bought on some new challenges but the constant encouragement and well organised team at Peak Potential Adventures ensured that our whole group reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Every day our team was briefed on what lay ahead and all members of the group were looked after to highest possible standards.

The official local Tanzanian guide Godlisten and his team along with Darren and Shane made climbing Mt Kilimanjaro a life changing and awesome experience.

I’m very proud to say that I made it to the summit of the highest free standing mountain in the world and it will be an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

If you’re looking to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and stand on the “Roof of Africa” and I would highly recommend the team at Peak Potential Adventures for an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Michael DonovanMt Kilimanjaro - Africa

Tony SalibaFor many people, life is just one of those things you manage on a day to day basis never appreciating what wonders lay out there for discovery, and only when confronted with a life changing event do we begin seeing things differently.

Approximately 3 years ago I was confronted with my own life changing event and as a result I made a decision to approach life differently and to not only challenge myself physically, but to also give something back and help change and improve the lives of others.

From The moment I was first introduced to Peak Potential Adventures to my greatest achievement, summiting Mt Kilimanjaro on Thursday September 26, 2013 at 07:14 with the Peak Potential Adventures team, I have felt a real level of purpose and satisfaction in helping contribute to the Make-A-Wish Charity, whilst also experiencing unprecedented personal growth and drive to do more with my life.

I would like to personally thank & congratulate Shane and Darren for your guidance, support & more importantly friendship over the past 12 months in helping me prepare for the 2013 Mt Kilimanjaro climb. I particularly want to acknowledge the role both of you played in leading & motivating the entire team through some very challenging days on the mountain and helping each individual succeed in reaching the summit.

I feel both privileged and honored to have been part of the inaugural 2013 Mt Kilimanjaro climb with Peak Potential Adventures and the confidence derived from this amazing experience will spur me on to pursue my next challenge.

Finally, the experience would not have been as special had it not been for the amazing group of people that you helped bring together on this exciting journey. Without doubt, each and every one of the team would have taken something very special away, not to mention lifelong friendships.

Congratulations once again for leading a successful and life changing journey to the “Roof of Africa” and helping a group of novice adventures fulfill some personal goals whilst supporting such a worthy charity. This testimonial is the least I can do to share my positive experience of Peak Potential Adventures with others also looking for an adventure and challenge in their lives.

Tony SalibaMt Kilimanjaro - Africa

Cameron KirkpatrickTo most people living life involves waking up and not really fully understanding how lucky we are within our everyday lives.  

Not a lot of people would not be very impressed with the world if they couldn’t have a seemingly endless supply of power for their tv, coffee machine, microwave etc.  Most people would go through their everyday jobs and every now and then complain about how they are treated the poorness of their pay and working conditions. I myself was guilty of all of those things in my past.  I thought I had changed in 2005 when I saw poverty for the first time, but this year I had my world and views of it changed for the better, this year (2013) I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with the Peak Potential Adventure Team.

When I said I would join the team to try to tackle Mt Kilimanjaro I never expected the climb and the experience to teach me so much about life and about myself.  I expected it to be a great climb and a chance to meet some like minded people, but in the end I received a whole lot more. From the moment I stepped on the plane and met the first group from the team, I knew that this was going to be a great adventure.  After many hours flying and a memorable bus ride to the hotel the extent of this climb was still not apparent in my mind.  The morning after meeting the team and enjoying some laughs, it then became real. Because from the hotel you can actually see Mt Kilimanjaro and it finally starts to sink in…’I’m going to try and climb that’.  

We set off on the Machame Route and from day one the professionalism of Darren and Shane from Peak Potential Adventures was outstanding. As we progressed further up the mountain our mental and physical limits were pushed and sometimes reached. But the strength of people and the ongoing positive encouragement from the Peak Potential Adventures Team and our amazing local guides Godlisten, Yesse and Mandy kept us going.  On the 26th of September at 7.14am I made the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro at 5,895m, and finally the enormity of the accomplishment set it. Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine that a mountain could teach you so much about life. It has personally changed my life, it makes you a better person and makes you realise how lucky we are in everything we do, I personally would recommend everyone just once try this adventure. I would like to thank Shane and Darren for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful event and being able to raise money for Make-A-Wish Australia. In doing this adventure I have made lifelong friends, changed on how I approach my own life, to treat people with respect and to feel truly blessed in my surroundings.

I look forward to the next adventure with the Peak Potential Adventure Team and glad I could contribute to the positive testimonials that have been already submitted.

Cameron Kirkpatrick Mt Kilimanjaro - Africa

The 2013 Mt Kilimanjaro adventure began 18 months ago when I caught up with an old friend, Russ Holland. He wet my appetite by inviting me to a BBQ and opportunity to meet with two guys who were climbing the 7 summits, Darren Wise and Shane Pophfer.

I was immediately hooked on the idea of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and also loved the opportunity to raise money for “Make-A-Wish”. The opportunity to get to know some the climbing team during preparation events was great. Throughout the whole process it was great to have such good mentors. We had the support we needed in knowing what items to buy, bring and what type of training to do. All this greatly helped me have the confidence to know I would be able to succeed.

The time in Africa was completely life-changing. The team spirit was incredible, by the end of the week on the mountain we felt pretty close. Each morning the guys checked our gear & each evening we were given a rundown of the next day. We had plenty of encouragement and also medial checks. In extreme conditions, being able to trust your leaders is so important!  Considering the general rate of success and failure on the mountain, it is absolutely to Darren and Shane’s credit that we all made it to the summit as a team.  The Machame Route is the longest route. Along the way you get the maximum exposure to high altitude preparation. It felt like we did more than just summit the mountain. We had a fantastic time together – enjoyed the camaraderie with the Peak Potential Adventures team. The Tanzanian guides and porters also did a sterling job of looking after all our daily needs.

The night climb to the summit was for sure the toughest bit. All the preparation put us all into a place where success was in reach, nonetheless it was definitely mentally challenging. Reaching the summit was incredible and overwhelming at the same time – it changes you forever!  The whole event made me look at myself in a completely different way and has given me a level of confidence that I have never experienced before. Experiencing Tanzania and the people there was also amazing and quite humbling too. They have nothing in comparison to us and yet have a beautiful attitude to life.

The guys at Peak Potential Adventures did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to have another opportunity to climb a mountain with them again!

Steve Forkin Mt Kilimanjaro

Camille JohnsonClimbing Mt Kilimanjaro had been a dream of mine since the first time I stepped foot on Africa soil 7 years ago. To finally reach the summit was the most satisfying feeling, words can hardly describe. It was more than a dream come true!

Peak Potential Adventures is an extremely well organised expedition company. Darren Wise & Shane Pophfer have extensive expedition experience as well as their military backgrounds, so I knew I was in safe hands doing the climb with them. Looking back, I wouldn’t have wanted to do the climb with a ‘tour’ group.  

Leading up to the 2013 Mt Kilimanjaro climb, Darren was available to meet with me several times to discuss any questions I had regarding logistics, equipment, gear etc. Darren went out of his way on the mountain, making sure everyone had been fed & their gear was correct for the Summit. Individually chatting to each person along the way each day to see they were feeling okay & that they were well informed of each days climb. 

Shane’s beautiful nature & funny sense of humour meant there were always lots of laughs & lots of different things to chat or sing about along the way. Shane would hang back if you we’re having a slow day or it feeling so well. Being very supportive & always making sure you we’re having fun. And to hear about Darren & Shane’s other expeditions & military stories, added to the whole experience.

The training sessions together beforehand were not only the perfect opportunity to get to know each other but definitely helped in preparing mentally & physically. Especially the layering of clothes, adjusting gear & practice organising your day pack which is essential on the mountain to get these things right.

 Darren, Shane & the Peak Potential Adventures crew of 2013… not only did we all come away with amazing memories but life long friendships & a bond that you can only understand after doing something like this. To be in the middle of know where, depending on each other & only the supplies we had… It is truly what life is all about.

Knowing that we raised over $80k combined, for Make-A-Wish Australia gave me a huge sense of achievement & satisfaction. Combing both of these made it a life-changing experience, not only for myself but to innocent little lives.

If you’re interested in the climb, or have been thinking about doing it for some time, I highly recommended taking the leap & doing it with Peak Potential Adventures.

This is an adventure of a life-time you will never regret!

Camille Johnson Mt Kilimanjaro - Africa