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If there’s a date on our calendar that does not suit, please contact us because in some cases depending on the date and number of people, we can do a custom adventure.

2020 Adventures

Mar 07 - Mar 08Six Foot TrackLearn MoreBook Now
Mar 19 - Mar 28KilimanjaroLearn MoreBook Now
Mar 28 - Mar 29Six Foot TrackLearn MoreBook Now
Apr 04 - Apr 22Everest Base CampLearn MoreBook Now
Apr 25 - Apr 26Six Foot TrackLearn MoreBook Now
May 11 - May 14Three CapesLearn MoreBook Now
Jun 05 - Jun 14Overland Track (W)Learn MoreBook Now
Jun 15 - Jun 18Three CapesLearn MoreBook Now
Jul 08 - Jul 18Kokoda TrackLearn MoreBook Now
Jul 16 - Jul 25KilimanjaroLearn MoreBook Now
Aug 17 - Aug 20Three CapesLearn MoreBook Now
Sep 11 - Sep 20Overland Track (W)Learn MoreBook Now
Oct 06 - Oct 16Kokoda TrackLearn MoreBook Now
Oct 15 - Oct 24KilimanjaroLearn MoreBook Now
Oct 24 - Oct 25Six Foot TrackLearn MoreBook Now
On DemandKilimanjaroLearn MoreEnquire

2021 Adventures

Apr 03 - Apr 21Everest Base CampLearn MoreBook Now

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