Kilimanjaro 2013 Summit Success
Peak Potential Adventures - 2013 Kilimanjaro Summit Success

2013 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge Team

Kilimanjaro – 100% Summit Success

After 8 hours of slow and strenuous climbing to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro during the night, which is the highest free standing mountain in the world, we were totally ecstatic that all 17 members of the inaugural 2013 Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge Team made the Uhuru summit at a height of 5,895m at approximately 7.14am. Mt Kilimanjaro is a mountain that has almost a 40% failure rate of climbers reaching the summit, so our team definitely beat the odds with 100% of the team reaching the summit.

During the 5 days leading up to the summit, the team responded positively to the challenges that they faced each day, and they encouraged and supported each other which helped lift morale and create close team camaraderie. We acknowledge the excellent support that we received from our local guide and support staff…..they did a truly amazing job, and we look forward to seeing them again for next year’s 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge.

The team managed to raise over $80,000 in charity fundraising for Make-A-Wish Australia, which is a charity that makes the dream come true for sick and critically ill children.

Until you are truly challenged to your personal limits both physically and mentally, you never really know what you are capable of. I think the Peak Potential Adventures team all found something inside themselves as they pushed for the summit that night. As you put one foot in from of the other, its hard not to confront your past demons within the isolation of your own silence. Its almost like a lot of the negative moments in your life want to just bust out  to give you every reason not to keep going, its sometimes just a battle inside your head not to want to give in, but these are the struggles that will ultimately shape you in the end.

Mt Kilimanjaro is a physical and mental challenge, so it is hard not to go home changed positively in some way from the experience, it really is an adventure of a life time.

When you see how your life changes from these challenging adventures, is is hard for adventure not to become a way of life. Peak Potential Adventures motto is “Adventure is a Way of Life”

“To truly know oneself, you need to break the outer crust of life and challenge the unknown.Darren Wise