There’s nothing better than a great adventure story, so we are truly honoured that some of our clients have shared their adventure stories with us. We all have a bit of adventure inside us just waiting to jump out, and all it takes sometimes is a story of someone else’s amazing adventure that stokes the fire in us to take the first step on our own adventure journey. We will also share here our latest adventure news and equipment reviews.

6 Foot Track: An all Aussie Adventure Story by: Mark Henderson Follow Mark on Twitter @Mark_onthemoon Often, when we consider the word adventure, we think of far off places; places yet to be explored or discovered. Rarely, do we consider that we, in Australia, live in one of the most beautiful and unique places on the planet. […]

Six Foot Track Trek – A Real Aussie Adventure Story by: Mark Henderson Follow Mark on Twitter @Mark_onthemoon Peak Potential Adventures invites you to join us on a journey of discovery, as we trek through some of Australia’s most historic and beautiful landscapes on the Six Foot Track Trek. Departing monthly, the Six Foot Track Trek is one […]

Tracey Jordan - Overland Track

Overland Track Winter Trek Story by: Tracey Jordan One week after our adventure began I still cannot believe I did The Overland Track through The Tasmanian Central Highlands in winter.  When my friend Michael invited me to take on The Overland Track Winter Trek, also know as The “Tassie Tuff’”, I really had no idea what I […]

Luke Blundell-Pophfer spreading the ashes of his friend Scott on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro – Luke Blundell-Pophfer’s Story Story by: Mark Henderson Follow Mark on Twitter @Mark_onthemoon “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves” – French author and Nobel Prize winner, Andre Gide “When you get there, and see all the hustle and bustle, you know that you’re done. […]

Everest Base Camp - Age is no Excuse

Everest Base Camp at 84 years of age. Yes, it’s been done. Story by: Ainslee Dennis Today while patiently waiting to see an orthopedic surgeon, a fledgling Peak Potential ‘Adventuress’ dipped into the pile of magazines stacked on a side table.  The July 2013 edition of Prevention captured her attention with its claim to be […]

Harnett Falls, The Overland Track, Tasmania

The Definition of a Tasmanian Adventure – Tassie Tuff Winter Challenge We’ve been thinking about adventure. That’s not new but what is new is that we want to find out what adventure means to you. We want your take on adventure and if you’re just beginning an adventurous journey – what do you want those […]

Kilimanajro Shira Camp Sunset

Kilimanjaro – Reasons to Climb Mt Kilimanjaro stands in isolation and dominates the horizon near Moshi in Tanzania with its snow-capped peak pressing high into blue sky. The desire to discover its majestic beauty drives more than 40,000 people every year to climb 5895 metres to the roof of the African continent. It is a […]

Kristen Forbes

Charity Adventure – One less thing on the bucket list. It’s midnight, it’s below zero degrees, and I’m about to trek for several hours towards the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world for a charity adventure. Why? Why not! I’m on my way to the “Roof of Africa” for […]

Peak Potential Adventures - 2014 Kilimanjaro Summit

2014 Kilimanjaro summit 100% success. Kilimanjaro summit success, Peak Potential Adventures has done it again; with 100% of the 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team successfully standing on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro at around 7.15am on the 17 October 2014. We are so proud of the whole team, not with just their effort with […]

Bafaru Hut

Kilimanjaro, Barafu Hut – Walking on the moon. Kilimanjaro is an ever changing landscape as you move higher up the mountain, so this is where the 2014 Peak Potential Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team are moving to today….the very barren and rocky camp of Barafu Hut. The landscape at Barafu Hut would not be too […]

Kilimanjaro onward and upwards. We just had an update from Shane Pophfer, who is Peak Potential Adventures Managing Director and is leading the 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team on Mt Kilimanjaro. He said the team is going really well, they encountered a lot of heavy rain coming over Lava Tower, but the weather on […]

Kilimanjaro - Barranco Camp

Kilimanjaro, Barranco Camp – Getting there. It is 5.54am Tanzanian time on Mt Kilimanjaro. The Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team would be hearing the porters moving around the Barranco Campsite getting the morning routine underway for breakfast. The porters would also be starting to break down the camp to head across to […]

Kilimanjaro - Shira Camp

Kilimanjaro, Shira Camp – A strong day We just had the 2014 Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team just check in using their SPOT device at Shira Camp which is at around 3,900m. Shira Camp is on a large plateau on the west side of Mt Kilimanjaro and has a beautiful uninterrupted view […]

Group Photo - Kilimanjaro

Charity Challenge Kilimanjaro – Getting ready to go We woke up this morning to some very happy smiley faces from the 2014 Peak Potential Adventures Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge crew from their Moshi hotel in Tanzania. You can actually see Mt Kilimanjaro doing a photo bomb in the background, how beautiful is that sight. The team […]

Adventure Challenge - Kilimanjaro

Adventure challenge of a lifetime Most of the 2014 Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge team flew out last night from Sydney International Airport for their adventure challenge of a lifetime to climb to the Roof of Africa…..the majestic and beautiful Mt Kilimanjaro in support of Make-A-Wish Australia. One of our team members Naomi […]

Mitchell Morley

Wishes do come true. Mitchell Morley brought it home strongly with an awesome effort of walking 12 hours on a treadmill to fundraise for Make-A-Wish Australia and to also make his wishes come true. Mitch is part of the 2014 Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge Team. The fundraising event was held on the 23rd September 2014 at […]

It was mental strength, rather than physicality that Emma Harrison gained from scaling a mountain This is a wonderful story from Emma Harrison who was a team member on the inaugural 2013 Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge in support of Make-A-Wish Australia. Feeling very unwell at 4,600m just as we were about to head off on summit night, […]

Kilimanjaro 2013 Summit Success

Kilimanjaro – 100% Summit Success After 8 hours of slow and strenuous climbing to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro during the night, which is the highest free standing mountain in the world, we were totally ecstatic that all 17 members of the inaugural 2013 Peak Potential Adventures Mt Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge Team made the Uhuru summit […]