Various adventure photos of Shane Pophfer

Shane Pophfer (Managing Director) – Adventurer and Former Army Paratrooper

Shane is the Managing Director and a founder of Peak Potential Adventures. Having successfully climbed some of the highest mountains in the world on some of his personal adventures, as well a lead many clients on adventures around the world like Mt Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp, he has a wealth of experience in managing and leading adventures. He is passionate about client safety and ensuring that they have an amazing and adventure memorable experience.


Shane (also known as “Poff”) grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. He had an adventurous childhood; swimming in creeks and rivers, climbing trees and bridges, roller-skating, riding his BMX or anything on wheels.

One may ask, where does he get this zest for life? He says, “When it’s time to leave this earth, I want to be all used up and wrung out like an old sponge, with nothing left to give”. His enthusiasm for getting the most out life is infectious!

At the age of eighteen, Shane enlisted in the Army and joined the 3rd Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), Australia’s airborne infantry battalion.

As a young paratrooper, there was adventure and excitement, but with the role came deeper understanding of courage, discipline camaraderie, loyalty, physical and mental endurance. These skills and core values would guide Shane as he negotiated the future challenges in his own life.

After his military service, he moved around with his family, making the seaside town of Port Macquarie on the east coast of Australia his family home. This is where he found the love of the ocean and would regularly spear fish, surf, and ocean kayak. The surrounding area also gave way to mountain biking, road cycling and paragliding.

He is a grandfather to Sophia, a father to three amazing children, Samuel, Luke and Amelia. He is a brother to a fantastic sister Tammy, and a son to a wonderful and caring mother Robyn.

His latest quest ‘ups the ante’ as he pursues the “7 Summits”, an expedition which covers the highest point on the seven continents.

Various adventure photos of Darren Wise

Darren Wise – Adventurer, Former Army Paratrooper and Photographer

Darren has always had a passion for adventure from a young age. At just five years old, he was seen jumping off a ten metre diving board! What developed at a young age was a “leap of faith” attitude that saw him seek out an adventurous career path. Darren has successfully summited some of the highest mountains in the world on his personal adventure pursuits, but his real passion is sharing his adventure knowledge and facilitating adventure experiences for others.


At the age of 17, Darren enlisted in the Australian Army. After his initial basic soldier training, his was posted to the 3rd Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), Australia’s airborne infantry battalion. After serving nearly seven years, he discharged from the Army.

Darren is passionate about the great outdoors and pursing new adventures. For Darren, the greatest reward is watching others personally grow from their adventure experiences by being outside their comfort zones.

Apart from being an adventure guide, Darren is also a qualified Life and Business Coach with over 25 years experience. He holds a Certificate 4 in Life Coaching from the Life Coaching Institute of Australia (LCIA). Darren’s passion is to help people achieve their dreams and to extract the most from their potential.

Darren believes the ultimate success of achieving what we want in life or business is determined by our passion, determination and mindset. Darren has overcome many of his own fears and challenges in life to move forward in his adventure pursuits. Darren has an unwavering determination to pursue personal growth and higher performance in his life.

Mitchell Morley

Mitchell Morley – Adventurer and Assistant Guide

Mitch is the newest member of the Peak Potential Adventures Team coming on-board to help as an assistant guide. Mitch has a passion for adventure and fitness and is a qualified Personal Trainer having completed his Cert 111 and Cert IV in fitness.


From a young age, adventure, fitness, and sport has always been a passion. Mitch has played representative squash at a National level and is also an accredited squash coach.He is an avid rugby league player on the Central Coast and is always looking for the next adventure and challenge to complete.

As part of his ongoing outdoor and leadership training with Peak Potential Adventures leadership team, he has successfully completed Mt Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp and is a lead guide on the Six Foot Track.