Six Foot Track

Walk the historic 45km Six Foot Track in the beautiful Blue Mountains



The historic Six Foot Track stretching through the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves is an iconic weekend adventure close to Sydney. The track is roughly 45km in length and was built in the 1800s as a horse and cart route and winds through some beautiful mountain, valley and river landscapes.

Join us on our 2-day all-inclusive weekend Six Foot Track adventure, where you’ll only be required to carry a day pack, making the walking experience and sightseeing more comfortable and enjoyable. The accompanying support vehicle will transport your overnight gear to your tranquil eco lodge accommodation nestled back in bushland from the beautiful Coxs River. Enjoy the company of fellow adventurers and immerse yourself in the great outdoors and nature as we take care of all the finer details and planning. On this weekend adventure, you’ll cross the famous Bowtells Swing Bridge, take in the sweeping views of the Blue Mountains from Black Range and Megalong Valley, and walk through the beautiful rainforests of Alum Creek and Nellies Glen.




Medium (Spt Vehicle)


2 Days Total



Departure Dates

Nov 02 - Nov 03Nearly FullBook NowYes

Only a 50% deposit is required to secure your position unless the departure date is within 60 days, and then the full payment is required. If the departure date is not guaranteed to depart yet, please do not book pre-adventure accommodation until we have confirmed the date as guaranteed in the box.

Six Foot Track Overview and Itinerary

Let us take you on a professionally guided and fully supported two-day walk of the historic Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains. This walk would be one of New South Wales’s most iconic overnight walks. The Six Foot Track is a 45-kilometre old horse and cart route built in the late 1800s to ferry supplies between Katoomba and Jenolan Caves.

Your overnight gear will be transported in the support vehicle, so you’ll only need to carry a day pack over the 45-kilometre journey. One of the highlights will be staying overnight in the tranquil Six Foot Track Eco Lodge, nestled in bushland just back from the beautiful Cox’s River. Day two of the trek starts with a crossing of the famous Bowtells Swing Bridge as the team makes its way towards Megalang Valley.

Finish the walk at the historic Explorer’s Tree, where Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth, the explorers who achieved the first known successful crossing of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales by European settlers, carved their initials in 1813.

The walk is both challenging and fun based on the program that Peak Potential Adventures has designed. Because this adventure is accompanied by our support vehicle most of the way, which carries your overnight gear, you’ll only need to carry a daypack. All you have to do is bring basic equipment like comfortable walking shoes, a warm jacket and pants and enjoy the scenery, the challenge, the serenity and the great company of like-minded people on this two-day weekend adventure.

The Six Foot Track is an adventure that delivers a remarkable experience of a historic Australian walk. You can do it as a stand-alone adventure, as a foundation for future multi-day adventures, or incorporate it into a training plan for another multi-day adventure in Australia and overseas that you might have planned. In addition, the Six Foot Track has some challenging features, making it a great training walk for other adventures offered by Peak Potential Adventures to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Overland Track in Tasmania, Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, or Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

The Six Foot Track will provide an excellent introduction to outdoor endurance walks, and if completed, participants will be prepared mentally and physically for bigger multi-day adventures. The walk includes access to a support vehicle, and it’s important to note that this adventure is not just about the challenge – it will be fun and deliver moments and memories you will remember for the rest of your life.

You can also refer to the NSW National Park website for more information about the Six Foot Track.


  • Stunning views walking down Black Range
  • Stay in the beautiful private eco lodge nestled back in bushland from Coxs River
  • Enjoy the company of fellow outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers
  • Cross the famous Bowtells Swing Bridge over Coxs River
  • Stunning views of the Blue Mountains walking through the Megalong Valley
  • Enjoy a beautifully cooked, fully catered dinner and buffet breakfast at the eco lodge
  • Weather permitting, take a dip in the beautiful rock pools near the eco lodge
  • Relax in the private eco lodge and enjoy the natural peace and serenity
  • Enjoy close encounters with some of the local wildlife
  • Walkthrough the beautiful Nellies Glen rainforest near the end of the walk
  • Just disconnect from daily life for the weekend and take in the great outdoors.

Day 1 – Saturday – Meet in Katoomba 6:15 AM, and the private support vehicles will drive the team to Jenolan Caves 

Trek Jenolan Caves to Coxs River 

Walking Time: 8-9 hours (will vary depending on team speed, breaks etc.)

Distance: 30km

Meals Included: morning tea, trail snacks, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner at the eco lodge

Accommodation: private eco lodge – group cabin with double bunks

We will meet in Katoomba at 6:15 AM and take our private support vehicles to Jenolan Caves to start the trek. If you have driven up to Katoomba, you can leave your car near the Katoomba Police Station on Edwards St. Our private support vehicles will meet you at this location. Our group email sent out before the adventure will also provide detailed information about the transport arrangement and contact numbers. (For detailed transport arrangements and where you can leave your vehicle in Katoomba, please refer to the ‘other information’ section below in ‘transport arrangements’)

The walk will start at around 8:00 AM from Jenolan Caves once the team is organised. We will walk up the right of the Jenolan Caves Conservation Area, which is a steep feature that climbs out of Jenolan Caves. After about 4km, we will pass Kiaora Hill and the Jenolan Caves Cottages. There are basic toilet facilities at Jenolan Caves Cottages, so we will stop for a break here. After our break, we will make our way along Jenolan Caves Road for around another 3.5km before crossing the road and heading into the national park forest that will take us to the Black Range Camping Ground, which will be another 2.5 km walking. Before heading along Black Range Road, we will have a morning tea break at Black Range Camping Area. This next section is about 8.7km. As you start heading down the Alum Creek hill towards lunch, the views on this next section are spectacular.

After lunch, we will walk down the hill, which winds its way down the range for about 4.3km, where we will hit Alum Creek and, a bit further up the track, Alum Creek Camp Ground. From here, there will be some uphill work. The hill out of Alum Creek is around 2km and can be challenging because we will have clocked up around 23km, but a lot of the walking has been on the flat or downhill, so we should have energy in reserve at this stage and some fuel from lunch. Once we are over the Mini Mini Saddle’s steep feature, we will walk down another steep section for around 4km into our final destination for the day at Coxs River. We generally arrive at the eco lodge between 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, depending on team speed and length of breaks during the day.

Tonight we will be staying at the Six Foot Track Eco Lodge and enjoy a beautifully cooked meal, sit around, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful bush setting. Weather permitting, you might even take a dip in Cox River.

Day 2 – Sunday – Trek Coxs River to  Explorer’s Tree (Katoomba)

Walking Time: 5-6 hours (will vary depending on team speed, breaks etc.)

Distance: 15km

Meals Included: buffet breakfast, trail snacks, morning tea

Today is a shorter day, around half of what we walked yesterday, and the terrain is more bushland. We will wake at 6.00 AM and have a delicious buffet breakfast prepared by the eco lodge. After we have packed up and loaded the support vehicles, we will head off toward Katoomba (Explorer’s Tree) from the eco lodge around 7:30 AM.

After we head off and not too far from the eco lodge, we will traverse the famous Bowtells Swing Bridge that spans the beautiful Coxs River. The views around this next section of the track are spectacular, with views up the Cox River. It’s also hard not to take in the peace and serenity. After we cross the bridge one at a time and get some great photos, we will continue for another 4.5km before crossing a hill feature at Megalong Valley. We will be treated to amazing panoramic views over to the Blue Mountain’s escarpments and towards Katoomba. The feeling that we are getting closer to the finish now is apparent.

We will see the Dryridge Vineyard on our right as we head towards the Megalong Cemetery, where the support vehicle will be waiting. Next, we will have a morning tea before heading towards the Megalong Village, another 3.7km away. We will have another quick break around here before we take on the last section, which will take us 4.6km up through Nellies Glen and then up to the final steep section and stairs, eventually coming out at the top at Explorers Tree. We generally arrive at Explorers Tree between 12:30 PM -1:30 PM, depending on team speed and length of breaks.

Congratulations!! Our support vehicle will drop you back at your transport in Katoomba. We highly recommend staying in Katoomba after the adventure to relax and enjoy more of the beautiful Blue Mountains.

If you plan to stay Friday night at Katoomba, which is highly recommended, we recommend checking out the major online booking websites for the best deals.

Please explore the Visit NSW Blue Mountains website if you are looking for things to do in Katoomba and the broader Blue Mountains area before or after The Six Foot Track adventure.

The Peak Potential Adventures team carefully crossing Alum Creek on the historic Six Foot Track trek through the stunning Blue Mountains

Additional Information

Peak Potential Adventures operates small group adventures both in Australia and overseas and was founded by a group of experienced adventurers who have built a solid and well-regarded reputation. Our experience outdoors has been built from the ground up over many years. Adaptability, planning, logistics, transparency and professionalism are our strengths and qualities. Our priorities are meeting your expectations, servicing your needs, keeping you safe, and delivering value for money adventure experience. Taking on an adventure can sometimes seem a bit daunting, so one of our most important qualities is that we are approachable and always available to answer any questions or provide advice – with us, you’ll always get a personalised level of service.

  • We provide experienced local New South Wales professional guides with local knowledge and experience
  • Our Six Foot Track adventure has a maximum of 16 people or less
  • We only work with the best operators and suppliers in New South Wales
  • You’ll get a very high level of service because you are guided and looked after by business stakeholders
  • We are qualified personal trainers and can get you ready for your adventure with an individual training program
  • All our guides hold first aid qualifications and can provide wilderness rescue
  • All our adventures have formulated operational plans for emergencies or evacuations
  • We are fully licensed and accredited in the areas of our adventure operations.
  • Australian professional guides with extensive outdoor and adventure experience
  • Transport to and from The Six Foot Track – Katoomba to Jenolan Caves or Cottages and Explorer’s Tree to Katoomba
  • Shared open cabin-style accommodation at the private Six Foot Track Eco Lodge on Saturday night
  • All meals, drinks and snacks – morning tea, lunch and dinner Saturday, and cooked buffet breakfast and morning tea Sunday
  • Support vehicle and logistics (support vehicle will follow the team each day)
  • 20-litre daypack if required
  • Wet weather, multi-fit poncho if required
  • Personal support and leadership on the walk
  • Emergency remote communications and group first aid kit.
  • Accommodation at Katoomba on Friday night before the adventure
  • Alcoholic drinks and beverages at the eco lodge on Saturday night
  • Lunch on Sunday because we are usually at Explorer’s Tree not too long after lunchtime, around 1:30 PM, and most people would prefer to head off.

Testimonials of others are important when you are considering taking on an adventure either here in Australia or in another part of the world. We pride ourselves on not just ensuring our clients succeed in fulfilling their adventure dreams safely, but we also ensure they have a positive experience from the time they sign up for one of our adventures, to when they arrive home.

Please refer to the customer reviews page on our website.

If you drive up to Katoomba, you will be able to leave your vehicle on Edwards Street out the front of the Katoomba Police Station. Over the years, plenty of vehicles have been parked here, and there have been no incidents. If you stayed up the top end of Katoomba and didn’t bring a vehicle (i.e. caught the train), the meeting point for the 1st pick up is across the road from the Carrington Hotel on Katoomba Street at 6:15 AM. Our private vehicles will follow you down from out the front of the Carrington Hotel to Edwards Street if you stay up the top end of Katoomba, or alternatively, the bus can meet you out the front of the YHA at 207 Katoomba St at 6:20 AM if that is closer to where your accommodation is. You can send us an SMS just letting us know that is where you’d prefer the bus to meet you. We will send out an email a week before the trek outlining the meeting place arrangements and where you can leave your car. You can also approach the accommodation provider you stayed with to see if you can leave your vehicle there.

We can also meet you at Jenolan Caves if you can get public transport to Jenolan Caves on Friday. This is an excellent option as you can do a caves tour and have a sleep in on Saturday morning, so it’s worth considering it if you have Friday free from other commitments.

We will take you back into Katoomba from Explorers Tree to your vehicle at the end of the trek.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance or more detailed information.

Terrian Difficulty: Moderate

There is no difficulty in the terrain that requires specialist equipment like ropes, and the walking tracks are well-groomed and marked.

There are some steep hills up and down and undulating terrain on both days. On day two, you will be required to cross Bowtells Swing Bridge, a suspension bridge. The last climb up through Nellies Glen on day two is a steep hill feature but is a well-structured walking track.

Fitness Grade: Medium

You should be able to walk at least 8-9 hours the first day with a light daypack weighing up to 4kg. The second day is 5-6 hours.

Anyone should be able to undertake The Six Foot Track with a basic level of fitness and health. But to enjoy the trek and complete it more efficiently, we recommend having a medium to a high fitness level. Because we have a full-time safety vehicle following the team, members can be driven through various stages of the track or to the eco lodge to rest up for the final day if we have any issues. The first day is generally the most challenging part of the trek as it is an 8-9 hour day depending on the team’s speed, covering a distance of around 30km. The second day back to Katoomba will be about 5-6 hours of walking, depending on the team’s speed, but the last hill up through Nellie Glen will test you. So to complete the 45km over two days, we suggest you will need a medium level of fitness and endurance.

We are qualified Personal Trainers, so we will assess your current fitness levels and provide a training program that would be suited to complete this trek comfortably. If you are unsure, please get in touch with the Peak Potential Adventures team to discuss your situation and see if this adventure suits you.

(Most of your gear will be carried in the support vehicle that will follow the team over the two days, so it is walking without any weight. Times will vary depending on the team’s speed).

This adventure spends the night at the Six Foot Track Eco Lodge on Coxs River, so consider your gear requirements in two parts. One part is for around the eco lodge accommodation after the first day of walking, and the other part is for the two days of walking.

Please also remember that the support vehicle will carry your overnight gear, so please bring enough clothes and toiletries to be comfortable.

  • Comfortable hiking or walking shoes (please make sure that they have good tread for steep downhill sections)
  • Comfortable socks for 2 days of walking
  • Trekking shirt and pants, preferably wicking material
  • Warm jacket and pants
  • Head torch or small handheld torch
  • Toiletries
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses (preferably polarised)
  • Personal towel
  • Linen, doona and pillow WILL BE supplied at the eco lodge, so you won’t need to bring sleeping gear
  • Daypack with rain cover and a 2-3 litre water bladder if it has one (We can provide a 20 litre Denali pack if you don’t have one)
  • A 2 or 3-litre water bladder for your daypack, or a 1-litre water bottle. (We will provide water refills as required)
  • We will provide a mug for hot drinks
  • Rain gear (We can provide a rain poncho that is multi-fit if you don’t have one)
  • Snacks (We will provide plenty of snacks, but you may have a personal favourite chocolate bar etc.)
  • Sunscreen (We will provide a large pump dispenser, but you may wish to carry your own personal tube
  • Hand sanitiser (We will provide a large pump dispenser, but you may wish to carry your own personal tube)
  • The senior guide will be carrying a well-equipped first aid kit during the day treks, but some basic personal first aid items like bandaids, panadol and ibuprofen are always handy to have on you.

The basics: (You will need comfortable walking shoes/boots, comfortable socks, a jumper and warm pants, toiletries, sunglasses and sunscreen. Peak Potential Adventures will provide a 20-litre daypack, rain poncho, food, water, and other logistics support like private transport to Jenolan Caves and from Explorers Tree back into Katoomba at the end of the trek).

  • 1st pick-up spot – across the road from the Carrington Hotel 15-47 Katoomba St – 6:15 AM
  • 2nd pick-up spot – out the front of the YHA 207 Katoomba St – 6:20 AM
  • Start time (Saturday) (Jenolan Caves or Cottages) – 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM
  • Finish first day (Saturday) (Jenolan Caves or Cottages to Coxs River) – Between 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM (about 8-9 hours or walking).
  • Start the second day (Sunday) – 7:30 AM
  • Finish the second day (Sunday) (Coxs River to Explorers Tree) – On or before 1:30 PM (about 5-6 hours of walking).

(These times may vary depending on the team’s speed, weather conditions, road conditions, length of breaks, and any medical or logistical issues. Please contact Darren 0410 569 692 or Shane 0422 256 192 if there are any issues on the day).

In 1884, a government survey party was appointed by the NSW Premier, the Hon. Alexander Stuart to find a horse track from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. The group left Sydney on 24 March 1884 and the following day descended the Katoomba cliffs at Narrowneck into the Megalong Valley. It was soon thought that Black’s Ladder might provide better access, so the party blazed a fresh route from the Megalong Creek to the Explorers Tree. The party then marked a route to Coxs River and a second base camp was established at Little River.

From there a route was found which ascended the Black Range. They reached Jenolan Caves on 3 April 1884 having taken 11 days to mark the original 26 miles (about 42km). NSW Parliament consequently granted 2,500 pounds for the track’s construction. Travellers could now ride from Katoomba to the caves in less than eight hours. The new track became popular until around 1904 when a road link from Megalong Valley to Blackheath was opened. This new road provided improved access to the valley and horse and bollock teams were more easily used for the transport of goods.

By the 1930s motor vehicles became more popular and the number of people using the track declined and sections of the original track were converted to roads and fire trails. In the 1960s, an unsuccessful attempt was made to construct a fire trail/road through Nellies Glen by dumping spoil from a quarry. A new track has been made on the regrowth area. A diversion to access the Black Range camping ground has increased the distance to around 45 kilometres.

Safety and Regulation Requirements

All Peak Potential Adventures leaders who guide the Six Foot Track are first aid qualified.

Our team uses short- and long-range communication equipment that includes UHF radios, EPIRBs, and satellite devices like Garmin Reach or a satellite phone for more remote adventures.

Peak Potential Adventures is approved and authorised to operate their Six Foot Track adventure by NSW Crown Lands

If you have any further questions or want more information about our Six Foot Track adventure, you can contact our team at [email protected]

You can also contact us on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Alternatively, please click here to go through to our contact page.

Please ensure that you read our booking terms and conditions below.


If there’s a question that we haven’t covered for you, we are just an email or phone call away.

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Adventure Dates

How often do you run the adventures?

The adventure can usually depart monthly, depending on our other adventure commitments.

Because of high temperatures in the Blue Mountains and fire risks, we generally cease operating our Six Foot Track adventure over the hotter summer months. Please also check our Facebook and Instagram feeds because we also announce new adventure dates.

About The Adventure

How hard is the adventure?

The Six Foot Track adventure itself is not considered all that difficult from a terrain perspective. However, there are some challenging sections as you get closer to Coxs River on the first and last days as you make your way up the escarpment to finish the adventure at Explorers Tree. There is a fair bit of downhill walking on the first day, which we believe is better than going uphill, which is why we can comfortably complete the adventure in two days vs three days going from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. Most of the way, there is a support vehicle with the team, so this is considered an adventure that most people usually attempt. Our biggest recommendation is to wear comfortable walking shoes or boots that won't cause significant issues.

Food, Accomdodation & Facilities

What is the accommodation like on Saturday night?

The Six Foot Track Eco Lodge accommodation on Coxs River is a dorm-style large room with double bunks. For privacy and comfort. We generally book the 12-person cabin just for our team, but sometimes depending on numbers, we might book the 16-person cabin. Because the eco lodge is limited in communication and gets busy during parts of the season, this arrangement is subject to change. If the eco lodge changes the accommodation arrangements, and we don't get the private cabin, we will compensate you accordingly with a discount voucher that can be used on any of our adventures by you, family or friends. The shower and toilet are outside but are well maintained, clean and private. The showers are very basic and use cold water. Many walkers elect to go for a swim in Coxs River if we arrive with plenty of daylight hours to spare and the weather is warm enough.

What type of food do we eat?

There will be plenty of food on the adventure. You will receive an energy pack on the morning that we leave Jenolan Caves or Cottages containing snack-type foods and fruit you can eat during the day. We have designed this energy pack as an energy supplement on top of the main meals served during the adventure. For morning tea, we will serve tea and coffee and snacks. For lunch on the first day, we provide packed sandwiches and also serve tea and coffee.

On Saturday night, for dinner, our hosts at the Six Foot Track Eco Lodge, Pavel & Lucie, will cater dinner that is generally a slow-cooked goulash with rice and potato. The eco lodge also caters the Sunday morning breakfast with a buffet-style hot breakfast that is pretty amazing. You will also be provided with other snack foods to get you through the end of the adventure. Morning tea will also be served at Megalong Valley, but because we usually arrive at Explorers Tree around 1:30 PM, so lunch is not provided. Most people either get some lunch in Katoomba or stop on the way home for the food of their choice after a weekend of walking.

If you have a dietary requirement, we will cater for you with yummy alternatives, so please make sure that you let us know your dietary requirements on the adventure booking form.

What facilities are at the Six Foot Track Eco Lodge? 

The eco lodge serves alcoholic beverages

There is no mobile phone or internet reception at the ecolodge

There is no main power at the eco lodge

Are there toilets along the way?

Before we head off, we will also provide a toilet facility briefing at Jenolan Caves or Jenolan Cottages.

On day one, there are a few toilet facilities along the route. Most of the toilet facilities are pretty basic, mainly outhouse-type facilities. There are toilets at Jenolan Caves or Jenolan Cottages before we head off, toilets at Jenolan Cottages, and toilets at Black Range Camp Ground. There are no established toilet facilities from there through to lunch. The next facilities after lunch are at Alum Creek Camp Ground and then the eco lodge where the first night will be.

On day two, there are no established facilities from when we leave the eco lodge to Explorers Tree, so a bush stop would be required. We have biodegradable toilet paper and a shovel if required.

Guides & Team

Why use Peak Potential Adventures?

Our guides and the way we run our adventures are second to none. You will only get very experienced guides on our adventures that you can trust. We pride ourselves on ensuring everyone has a positive, rewarding, safe experience. We leave nothing to chance in our preparation and always consider our client's safety and enjoyment during the adventure.

How many people are on this adventure?

This adventure is limited to a maximum of 16 people.

Fitness & Equipment

How fit do I need to be, and can I get fit?

Anyone should be able to undertake this Six Foot Track adventure with a reasonable level of fitness and health. You will only be required to carry a daypack, and in some cases, you may not be carrying a daypack at all because the support vehicle on many sections will follow the team. So, if you can walk with regular rests over the first-day distance of 30km with a light day pack, you'll complete this adventure itinerary comfortably. We have had many people through this Six Foot Track adventure with varying degrees of fitness, age and preparation who have completed the walk.

We are qualified personal trainers, so we can assess your current fitness levels and provide a training program that would be suited to complete this adventure comfortably. If you are unsure, please contact the Peak Potential Adventures team to discuss your situation and see if this adventure suits you.

What equipment will I require?

The equipment list is on the website under additional information. Once you have reviewed the list, we will discuss your equipment requirements and budget. For most people who complete this adventure, the essential piece of equipment is comfortable shoes or boots that provide excellent support.

Medical Conditions & Allergies

Can I trek safely if I have allergies or a medical condition?

It all depends on the allergy or the medical condition, but we would strongly suggest that you speak to your doctor first before making a booking. If it is a food allergy, that will be no problem because it can be catered for by the eco lodge or ourselves who will prepare our food. Please just let us know on the adventure booking form so we can make adjustments and arrange alternatives for what you can't eat.

Fees & Payment

How much is the adventure?

The adventure cost is $695.00

Can I pay a deposit and pay the rest before departure?

Yes, we only require a 50% part payment to secure your position on the adventure if the departure is more than 60 days out, with the full balance payable 60 days before departure. If the adventure departs within 60 days, full payment will be required when you book.

Is there a credit and debit card payment surcharge?

Yes, if you book using the credit or debit card Stripe payment gateway, there will be a 1.7% surcharge. You can avoid this 1.7% surcharge by doing a bank transfer in the payment option.


What happens if I need to cancel?

Please read our booking terms and conditions for specific policy details.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Photos & Media Content

Will I get access to photos & media content?

Yes, photos taken by the Peak Potential Adventures team during the Six Foot Track adventure will be shared via our corporate Google Drive.

Only a 50% part payment is required to secure your position unless the departure date is within 60 days, and then the full payment is required.

What Our Guests Say

As an enthusiastic bushwalker, I found myself wanting to take on a weekend adventure.

Peak Potential Adventures offered exactly what I was after with the Six Foot Track trek. The idea of a fully supported hike with only a small day pack to carry appealed. Their support vehicle carried the rest of our gear along with plenty of snacks and water tops ups as well as meals, meeting up at scheduled rest stops. Leaving me to only have to concern myself with the beautiful scenery the Megalong Valley has to offer, and of ever-changing vistas of bushland, picturesque waterfalls and the highlight was crossing the Bowtells swing bridge over the Coxs River.

The river provided a refreshing and revitalising swim after the first day on foot. Our overnight accommodation was adequately providing a very comfortable bunkhouse. Overall, I found that while the hike was quite a challenge; fitness level of moderate required; the attentive, encouraging nature of the leaders helped me achieve my goal of completing all 45 km of the Six Foot Track. And I’m coming back to do it all again!

Australian Aboriginal Flag

We respectfully acknowledge the Gundungurra, Dharawal, Darug, Darkinjung, Wanaruah and Wiradjuri language groups as the traditional custodians of Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and thank them for sharing this beautiful and iconic part of Australia with our clients and us.