Shane Popher and Darren Wise of Peak Potential Adventures

Adventure is our passion

Peak Potential Adventures was founded by a renowned group of adventurers and former army paratroopers who have a passion for adventure and the great outdoors. To us,

“Adventure is a Way of Life”


As adventurers and former army paratroopers with over 50 years of combines experience in adventure travel and outdoor leadership, the team at Peak Potential Adventures will be there every step of the way to encourage and support you on your adventure.

Experience, combined with a profoundly deep understanding of the emotional demands of challenging adventures, ensures you will be surrounded by a team of professional and experienced adventure leaders.

They know how to provide you with the vital support when you need it most; not just during your adventure, but with your physical training and mental preparation in the months, weeks and days leading up to your adventure if pre-training is suggested to ensure your success.

More people would fail to conquer a challenging adventure mentally than physically.

What sets us apart from the rest?

  • We provide Australian guides with extensive adventure experience
  • We have extensive experience working with teams and helping individual reach their goals
  • We provide full fitness and health training leading up to your adventure and arrange where possible ongoing practice treks and training
  • We ensure the team gets to know each other before your adventure, so you know who you are teaming up with and you feel like you are part of a team before you depart
  • We provide personalised and individual advice about gear/equipment to ensure that your gear won’t let you down on your adventure
  • We provide medical support on the adventure if required being qualified first aiders
  • We climb with emergency oxygen on high altitude adventures to ensure you are safe at all times if there were any altitude medical complications
  • We prepare you extensively for your adventure mentally, as well as physically
  • We are very passionate and dedicated about ensuring everyone succeeds in their adventure in a very safe and enjoyable operating environment.

Peak Potential Adventures – a philanthropic business

The Peak Potential Adventures Team pride themselves on the continued work they do for the greater community and their charity causes. Some of the profits derived from the adventures run by Peak Potential Adventure, either go back  to the charities they support directly; or to fund future personal expeditions  undertaken in support of worthwhile charities and community causes such as Make-A-Wish Australia and The Sydney Childrens Hospital Network or the Peak Potential Adventures Guide Development Program (GDP).

Through your support of  an adventure with Peak Potential Adventures, you will be also making a difference to people lives and the world around you.


Shane Pophfer and Darren Wise of Peak Potential Adventures