Welcome to Peak Potential Adventures. Let us take you on an adventure of a lifetime: to some of the most iconic trekking destinations around the world.

Whether you’re looking to explore our great Australian backyard or venture further afield, we have the journey to match. Our small group adventures take many forms, from single-day hikes to multi-day climbs. And from luxury trails with (more than a few) creature comforts, to treks that push you to your limits.

Whichever adventure you choose, we make it a safe and memorable one. We provide you with all the preparation, support and training you need, so you’re ready to take that first step. No matter your age or fitness level, we create positive experiences and memories that last a lifetime.


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  • Ma Rina Avatar
    Ma Rina
    - Facebook

    What can I say, but WOW! WOW! WOW! An experience I will cherish forever. Thanks to the amazing guides, who encouraged, motivated and entertained us (thank you Mitch), and the stunning scenery, which could never be experienced any other way. Personally, this was challenging for my unfit, 50+ body, however,... read more

  • Brent Moey Dengate Avatar
    Brent Moey Dengate
    - Facebook

    I cannot speak highly enough of the guys from Peak Potential. Poff, Darren and Mitchy you all are the most awesome, down to earth and pushiest blokes I have ever met. I have nothing but love and respect for you boys. I have had the pleasure of doing both the... read more

  • Luke Viles Avatar
    Luke Viles
    - Facebook

    These guys do Amazing adventures. Not only are they well trained in what they do but all around top blokes. I couldn’t recommend anyone better to take a trip of a lifetime with.

  • Paul Rollo Avatar
    Paul Rollo
    - Facebook

    Highly recommend P.P.A.been to Nepal did E.B.C. trek well looked after both Shane and Darren are very professional in everything they do.Done six foot track as well both of these treks and any of their other adventures I would highly recommend you give it a go you are in safe... read more

  • Cameron Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Cameron Kirkpatrick
    - Facebook

    To most people living life involves waking up and not really fully understanding how lucky we are within our everyday lives. Not a lot of people would not be very impressed with the world if they couldn’t have a seemingly endless supply of power for their tv, coffee machine, microwave... read more

  • Mark Henderson Avatar
    Mark Henderson
    - Facebook

    The Six Foot Track trek was a great challenge. It was great to get out of my comfort zone and do something that pushed me physically. Being up in the Blue Mountains for two days, and meandering among some amazing scenery, all while getting “gains”, and being out with some... read more

  • Tracie Currey-Frater Avatar
    Tracie Currey-Frater
    - Facebook

    I have done the 6ft track trek twice now, if you want a challenge, a laugh, a great time with very experienced guides I'd definately recommend it. They are well organised and well equipped for any kind of weather mother nature wants to throw at them. And the... read more

  • Tracey Jordan Avatar
    Tracey Jordan
    - Facebook

    Hi Shane and Darren, I noticed that you are advertising your next exciting adventure to Cradle Mountain and it reminded me of the absolutely incredible adventure that it was when we did it together. When my friend organised the trip for me, I just went along with it,... read more

  • Robyn Brown Avatar
    Robyn Brown
    - Facebook

    I joined Peak Potential on their Beautiful 6ft Trek in the Blue Mountains last year. Not only is it right on our door step, stunning and at times a good challenging trek, we had such fun over the weekend. Plus the eco lodge was a Devine resting place for some... read more

  • Kristy Clarke Avatar
    Kristy Clarke
    - Facebook

    Six Foot track was challenging, rewarding and extraordinary all at the same time. Darren, Shane and Andrew, along with the rest of the team at Peak Potential are absolutely sensational and made the trip fun! Trekking from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves through the Blue Mountains and stunning bush land. ... read more

  • Andrew Judson Avatar
    Andrew Judson
    - Facebook

    If you want an awesome weekend away and want a challenge, meet likeminded people, love adventure , then I can highly recommend Peak Potential as the way to have all this and more with the Six Foot Track through the beautiful blue mountains. Starting off meeting the awesome guides who... read more

  • Kristen Alice Hobin Avatar
    Kristen Alice Hobin
    - Facebook

    My girlfriend asked if I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro and how could I say no. We went through Peak Potential and everything was organised for us, such a smooth process. We had support for our fundraising for Make a Wish, we were giving advice on training and what we needed... read more

  • Rachael Westblade Avatar
    Rachael Westblade
    - Facebook

    As an enthusiastic bush walker, I found myself wanting to take on a weekend adventure. Peak Potential Adventures offered exactly what i was after with the JenKat46 treck. The idea of a fully supported hike with only a small day pack to carry appealed. Their support vehicle carried the rest... read more

  • Talitha Kay Avatar
    Talitha Kay
    - Facebook

    The team at Peak Potential Adventures are a crew of exceptionally skilled, well educated and dedicated guys that take you out of your comfort zone with ease. They provided me the opportunity to get off the grid on the 6 foot track recently and I can honestly say, it was... read more

  • Jess Kent Avatar
    Jess Kent
    - Facebook

    The 6ft track with these guys was amazing! I have never done ANYTHING by myself so to have a weekend in the beautiful Blue Mountains with nobody that I knew was a huge emotional challenge for me. Darren, Shane and Pete made me feel so comfortable, safe and free to... read more

  • Katrina Annette Avatar
    Katrina Annette
    - Facebook

    Thankyou for a great weekend of hiking.. You guys are so supportive of everyone during the hike. I highly recommend Peak Potential Adventures..for your next trek..

  • Stephanie Louise Avatar
    Stephanie Louise
    - Facebook

    I have done a couple of adventures now with Peak Potential Adventures. I initially did the weekend Blue Mountains Six Foot Track trek with them in 2016 and totally loved the experience and service so much that I decided to up the ante and do Mt Kilimanjaro with them at... read more

  • Kim Webster Avatar
    Kim Webster
    - Facebook

    Do it, do it , do it!!! You won’t regret it. I just completed the 6ft trek at the end of June and highly recommend the adventure. The landscapes and beautiful scenery of the blue mountains is just stunning and a fabulous break from the daily grind was a bonus.... read more

  • Sam Carroll Avatar
    Sam Carroll
    - Facebook

    absolutely amazing weekend, first hike and looked after like royalty. We will be back!!!

  • Jenny Hocking Avatar
    Jenny Hocking
    - Facebook

    I did the Six Foot Track trek in 2015 believing that "each of us has our own mountains to climb.' Personally the Six Foot Track trek enabled me to say that age is a number and with a healthy body and mind you can achieve what you want... read more

  • Rachael Trotter Avatar
    Rachael Trotter
    - Facebook

    This is a challenging weekend walk, and having it fully supported by Peak Potential took away any worries or concerns I might have had and allowed me to focus on one thing - just the walk! It's a great weekend getaway whether you are hiking solo or with friends.... read more

  • Cassandra Weale Avatar
    Cassandra Weale
    - Facebook

    I did the six foot trek with these guys in Nov a couple of years ago. WOW !! What an amazing experience. So to start with the communication leading up to the weekend was great providing us with all the info we needed to be prepared. I was quietly nervous... read more

  • Naomi Laing Avatar
    Naomi Laing
    - Facebook

    Climbing Kilimanjaro had been a dream for a long time but I hadn’t found the motivation or direction I needed. I came across Shane and Darren during a fundraising event and knew they were the right fit instantly. They have an infectious energy and absolute passion for what they do.... read more


A group photo taken whilst walking down Black Range
The weekend I trekked the 6 Foot Track Often, when we consider the word adventure, we think of far off places; places yet to be explored or discovered. Rarely, do we consider that we, in Australia, live in one of the most beautiful and unique…
The Peak Potential Adventures group photo with Megalong Valley and the Blue Mountains in the distance as they trek along the Six Foot Track
One of the best walks in the Blue Mountains Peak Potential Adventures invites you to join us on a journey of discovery, as we walk through some of Australia’s most historic and beautiful landscapes in the Blue Mountains on this Six Foot…
Winter hiking in Tasmania is an unforgettable adventure experience Hiking in Tasmania during winter is such an amazing and special experience and one week after our adventure began I still cannot believe I did The Overland Track in winter.…