Adventure is our passion. Peak Potential Adventures was founded by a group of adventurers who have a passion for adventure and the great outdoors. To us, ‘Adventure is a Way of Life’. We are an Australian based adventure company that specialises in small group adventures. Our mission is to deliver a level of service and adventure experience that exceeds your expectations. We can do this because of our extensive adventure experience, and because we only work with the best guides and support operators in the business.


With over 25 years of combined experience in adventure travel and outdoor recreation leadership, the team at Peak Potential Adventures will be there to provide you with unparalleled professional support and service on your adventure.

Our professional guiding team have a profoundly deep understanding and as well as local knowledge of the adventure environment that you’ll be venturing into. This not only ensures you’ll be surrounded by a team of professional and experienced adventure leaders but it also means you’ll learn more about the local history as well as the flora and fauna that is native to the local habitat.

With our extensive adventure and fitness training experience, we know how to provide you with vital support and advice; not just during your adventure, but with your physical training and preparation leading up to your trek if pre-training is recommended to ensure your success on our more challenging multi-day large pack carry or high altitude adventures.

With our extensive client servicing background, we understand what’s required to make your adventure a positive and unforgettable experience.

What We Provide and Do Well

At Peak Potential Adventures, what we are very good at is delivering excellent service, support and adventure experience. Whether we are leading a team to the summit of Kilimanjaro at 2.00am in the morning or coordinating a day trek in the local Sydney area, for us, it’s all about going above an beyond to please our clients and deliver an unforgettable adventure experience.

For us, going above an beyond isn’t just a tagline for our adventure offerings. In fact, going above and beyond is part of our philosophy across our entire business. We are available by email at any time of the day or night to answer any questions or queries that you may have… adventure never sleeps.

Our adventures are designed for small groups, which means a high level of personal service and support. In many cases, you will come away from our adventures making lifelong friends. At Peak Potential Adventures, we are conscious that the adventure experience is important to our clients, so our itineraries are designed with adventure at the forefront. For the lowest possible cost, our experienced team make it our mission to give you the best, most stress-free adventure experience available. Our itineraries are meticulously planned out and executed by seasoned, professional guides who know how to work in a cohesive team environment, we are all about delivering on your expectations.

We want our clients to challenge themselves, but to enjoy every moment of the adventure they take with us at Peak Potential Adventures.

A big part of delivering and executing an exceptional adventure experience is in the preparation. Physical preparation is an essential aspect of making the most of an adventure, so we will be there to provide training advice and support based around the physical requirements of the adventure experience our clients choose to undertake and tailored to them based on their current level of fitness. Our team is made up of qualified fitness professionals, including personal trainers. We know what training will be required to get our clients ready for the adventure they plan to undertake. Our team will also be there to provide detailed advice about gear selection that will be suitable for your adventure and the outdoor environment that you are venturing into.

At Peak Potential Adventures, we are big on safety.

Providing a safe adventure environment is all about planning. All our adventures have formulated operational procedures in case of emergencies. We use the latest communication technology as a safety net to communicate with emergency or rescue services if required. All our guides are first aid qualified and have had extensive experience with wilderness first aid and rescue.

Giving Back

We pride ourselves on the continued work we do for the greater community and our preferred charity causes. Some of the profits derived from the adventures run by us, either go back to the charities we support directly, or to fund future personal expeditions undertaken in support of worthwhile charities and community causes such as Make-A-Wish Australia and The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network or the Peak Potential Adventures Guide Development Program (GDP).

Through your support of an adventure with Peak Potential Adventures, you will be also making a difference to people lives and the world around you.


Charities Supported by Some Previous Team Adventures