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The Everest Base Camp sign
84 year old at Base Camp Everest

STORY BY: Ainslee Dennis

Trekking to Base Camp Everest at 84 years of age.

Today while patiently waiting to see an orthopedic surgeon, a fledgling Peak Potential ‘Adventuress’ dipped into the pile of magazines stacked on a side table.  The July 2013 edition of Prevention captured her attention with its claim to be ‘The Energy Issue’.

A quick flick and the above photo caught her eye. It was a picture of Christine Northrup MD with her mum at Base Camp Everest in 2010. Her mum was 84 years old.

Following is an extract of the article about Christine and her perspective on health and ageing.

You are never too old for adventure

“One thing I’ve learnt from my mother is that you don’t have to become feeble as you age. In 2010, when my mum was 84, she trekked to Base Camp Everest. The following year she drove her campervan across the country with her best friend, who was 87. Now she’s planning a trip to Alaska. The lesson? There are two kinds of age: chronological and biological. The first you can’t do anything about, but the second is largely under your control. Eating right and staying fit are important, but our attitude matters every bit as much. If we believe we’re going to slow down with age, we do. If we believe that aches and pains are inevitable, then we have them. Believing that you can maintain good health as you age is the secret to making it a reality.”

Yaks heading to Base Camp Everest

Be inspired by Christine’s mum – our fledgling ‘Adventuress’ loved that she found this article as she was seeking advice about her two less-than-perfect knees. The news wasn’t great but she is determined to visit Base Camp Everest before the age of 84 years!

If you’re also inspired and would like to go to Base Camp Everest join us for the Peak Potential Adventures Everest Base Camp Dawn Service Trek in April. It will be ‘An Adventure to Remember’ and the journey will embody the qualities that make-up the Anzac Spirit. Stand at Base Camp Everest on April 25 to honour the ANZAC Centenary with a team of people with whom you have shared days of trekking and during that time experienced the qualities that make-up the Anzac spirit – endurance, courage, ingenuity, good humour and mateship.

If you’d like more information on our Base Camp Everest adventure, register your interest by sending an email to [email protected]

Sherpa prayer flags at Base Camp Everest