Harnett Falls, The Overland Track, Tasmania

Shane Pophfer and Darren – Harnett Falls, The Overland Track, Tasmania

The Definition of a Tasmanian Adventure – Tassie Tuff Winter Challenge

We’ve been thinking about adventure. That’s not new but what is new is that we want to find out what adventure means to you.

We want your take on adventure and if you’re just beginning an adventurous journey – what do you want those choices to bring to your life?

The push is for more than a definition, we are looking for meaning, and yes, there is a difference. Today I reached for my 1979 edition Collins English Dictionary, (yep it’s old) to learn that adventure is:

  1. a risky undertaking of unknown outcome. 2. an exciting or unexpected event or course of events and 3. a hazardous financial operation or course of events.

Yeah, that’s not how we define it. We want to get you thinking and talking about adventure to inspire you to make choices that will see treks and expeditions become part of your life story.

Peak Potential Adventures is offering three very different adventure experiences in 2015 and building momentum on the development of more treks and expeditions. The Overland Track Tassie Tuff Winter Challenge (TTWC) is our newest trek and over the Christmas/New Year period we reflected on what we took from the trek and considered what the adventure could add to your life.

The Overland Track is a tough challenge; you have got to work for it. It’s designed to be a back-to-basics wilderness trek which means you carry everything, cook everything, clean everything and contribute to a team. It’s an adventure that offers the opportunity to learn how to operate effectively in the wilderness and is 70km of mental and physical challenges in an environment of remarkable beauty and diverse weather conditions. Big adventure!

Our experience of The Overland Track involved a really big push from the Nicholls Hut through to Cynthia Bay. It was around 27 kilometres and we had too much weight in our packs. That daily distance is not on the cards for the TTWC but what the adventure gave us in the wake of the challenges of that final day was this: life’s damn good and we are so lucky.

That feeling, that meaning, came as we sat in The Cynthia Bay Resort Cafe and ate a hamburger that was just magic, we thought it was the best hamburger we had ever eaten – now it probably wasn’t – but at that moment, after our six days on The Overland Track it was magic. Every sense was heightened and our appreciation of the simple things was so much greater. We had clarity of thought, we felt that life’s damn good and we are so lucky.

The experience of pushing yourself in challenging environments will make you see the world differently and appreciate the good in your life – even when times are tough. That is a little of what adventure adds to our lives and our take from the TTWC.

So we’ve shared – now let’s hear from you!

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Peak Potential Adventures is an authorised operator on the Overland Track Track issued by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service.