Walk across Botwtells swing bridge on the Six Foot Track Blue Mountains Walk

STORY BY: Mark Henderson

One of the best walks in the Blue Mountains.

Peak Potential Adventures invites you to join us on a journey of discovery, as we walk through some of Australia’s most historic and beautiful landscapes in the Blue Mountains on this Six Foot Track walk that only takes a weekend. This trek would be up there as one of the most popular and iconic Blue Mountains walks. On this adventure, you’ll meet so many like-minded people who love adventure and the great outdoors. Because of the support vehicle, you’ll only need to carry a daypack with the rest of your overnight gear carried in the vehicle to your eco lodge accommodation at Coxs River. This adventure is suitable for a large variety of fitness and outdoor experience levels because it’s professionally guided and the support vehicle follows the team most of the way.

Departing monthly, the Six Foot Track trek is one of Peak Potential Adventure’s most achievable, fun, and accessible treks.

The challenge, which takes place in the historic Blue Mountains, located one and a half hours from Sydney CBD, takes adventurers across a trail blazed by Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson, and William Charles Wentworth in 1813, as part of their journey across the Blue Mountains.

Peak Potential Adventure’s expedition leader, Shane Pophfer describes the trek, “We sometimes call it the JENKAT because the trek runs from the Jenolan Caves (JEN) to Katoomba (KAT), and in its entirety, and the track is around 45 kilometres long,” said Shane.

“Although it might not be just as challenging as some of our other adventures, it definitely does test your resolve. It’s also up there as one of the best Blue Mountains walks” he said.

“I like to think of the Six Foot Track Trek as a trial run for some of our bigger adventures like Mt Kilimanjaro, Overland Track or Everest Base Camp as it helps to build confidence, but it is a challenge on its own, and when you complete it, there is a real sense of achievement — it’s rewarding,” Shane said.

In total The Six Foot Track Trek runs for two days over the weekend, with the team leaving the Jenolan Caves at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning.

What to expect on this Blue Mountains walk

“With Peak Potential Adventures, we aim to start the trek leaving from Jenolan Caves at around 7:45–8:00 AM, and on the first day we walk to the eco lodge at Coxs River, with our aim to arrive between 3–3:30 PM, however, it is dependent on the team’s speed, but we like to get in there before 4:00 PM,” Shane said.

“We spend the night at the eco lodge, get the fire going and enjoy some downtime at the eco lodge. It’s usually really good fun, and a great time to just catch up and chat about how the trek is going. We put a good feed on as well.

“The next morning, we aim to leave the eco lodge around 7:30 AM, trekking to our first stop at Megalong Valley which we usually get to around 10-10:30 AM. From there we take the final leg of the journey, aiming to get to Explorers Tree between 12:30-1:30 PM, wrapping up there at Katoomba,” said Shane.

“Right at the end, we have one final challenge on this Blue Mountains walk. We call it “Dummy Spit Hill”. It’s the one part of the trek that really does test your resolve, but I think it’s a really good feature to have right at the end, as it makes people work for it and challenges them – for us, it’s a fantastic finish and you get the finished feeling.”

Unlike other Peak Potential Adventure challenges, Shane believes The Six Foot Track Trek is something that anyone who is willing can tackle.

An adventure for everybody

“One of the best things for people who want to attempt the trek is that we run a support vehicle for just about all of it, so if it does become too challenging, you are able to jump in for part of the journey. This way, we think it opens the trek up to anyone who wants to give it a go,” Shane said.

As part of Peak Potential Adventures Six Foot Track trek, teams are generally limited to 12 to allow for a more personal and enjoyable experience.

“We honestly believe we offer the best program for this trek in Australia,” said Shane. “Clients are always rewarded with great scenery on this Blue Mountains walk because it passes through so many great features and the landscape is always changing,” he said.

“As part of this, we try to make sure the trek manageable for everyone. We keep the numbers limited to 12 as we don’t want to clutter it, and we want to make sure we can be available for everyone.”

Much of the necessary gear will be provided by Peak Potential Adventures, however, it is important to wear comfortable walking shoes or boots, a jumper and warm pants, toiletries, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Morning tea, lunch, and a three-course dinner are provided on Saturday, while breakfast and morning team is provided on Sunday, as well as a variety of snacks throughout the two-day trek.

If you are interested in finding out more or joining Peak Potential Adventures on this historic Blue Mountains walk traversing the Six Foot Track, you can find more information about the trek here

Team photo on the Six Foot Track over looking Megalong Valley on the Blue Mountains walk